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Ingrid Martin

Ingrid Martin

Ingrid Martin describes her life-long mission as "making classical music relevant, interesting and engaging for everyone".

She does this through connecting interesting combinations of music, performers and venues in order to provide performances that are non-traditional and challenge norms, providing more profound experiences for the audience. Ingrid started her career as a medical doctor, working both as an intern in the hospital whilst simultaneously developing her career as a conductor, before shifting her focus solely to conducting.

Ingrid was awarded the 2021 Rosemary & John Hopkins Award for Conductors to create a High School Conducting Academy in conjunction with the University of Melbourne.

She is one of five participants in the 2023-2024 Australian Conducting Academy Fellowship, which will see her work will all eight professional orchestras in Australia in the next two years. In 2023, she continues her conducting roles with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Queensland Symphony Orchestra, and in 2024 will work with the Queensland, Melbourne and Tasmanian Symphony Orchestras.
In addition to her performance roles in conducting, she also holds an interim lecturing role at the University of Melbourne in Concert Band Conducting, and continues to provide professional development for conductors through her online program Conducting Artistry. As well, she remains the artistic director and conductor for the Crosswinds Ensemble, and appears as both a guest conductor for the Stonnington Symphony Orchestra, and of course our own Australian Doctors' Orchestra.

Ingrid has played with the Australian Doctor's Orchestra as a french horn player, and has run online workshops with the players. We are very excited to have her come back in a conducting role for 2023.